New house

I’ve just got the keys to a new house and need to start paying for the gas and electricity. I’ve just signed up for bulb but my email says they won’t start supplying until 22nd june. Is my energy free between now and then? Surely i should be paying someone?

This link should explain all, Warmit

After you have submitted your first readings to Bulb, they will send them to your old supplier for a final bill from them to be sent out, so not free…you pay your old supplier

When you buy or rent a house (even a new build - as long as it has power), you will be on what is called a ‘deemed contract’ with the the existing supplier - and it’s them who you will need to pay. These deemed contracts are usually are the highest standard rate tariff, no discounts but also no contract length/exit fee - so it’s best to switch to a proper contract/provider (like Bulb) as soon as possible.

If you aren’t sure who it is, they usually let you know within a fortnight by letter (as their records will come up they are supplying a property but no one to bill so they’ll write to ‘The Householder’). They will ask you to contact them to make payment/setup payment details - just be careful they don’t encourage you into a contract (“it’ll be a lot cheaper than what you are currently paying” - yes, because you’ll be currently ripping me off).

Hi @Warmit as the other guys said you’ll be with another supplier for the 21 days it takes for the switch to go through. I’d also strongly recommend getting in touch with your old supplier before the switch goes through, to let them know when you moved in and what the reads were, otherwise they might give you an inaccurate bill, for usage before you moved in.