New IHD please. Compatible with Smart Things

I moved into a new build with a smart meter installed by scottish power and an ihd supplied by them. I’m now with Bulb. My SP ihd will not work with Smart Things and I’m told I must get an ihd supplied by Bulb. How do I do this ???

Hi @Chuggy

I’ve seen your email to advise that the IHD is working properly and connected to your meter- is that correct?

Your IHD would need to be a Smets2 meter and chameleon IHD- what type was left by Scottish Power? If it’s different we would have to find out whether we can replace it
But if its Chameleon it should work ok!

– H :bulb:

Yes it’s a Chameleon. It works fine but smart things will not recognise its guid code

@Chuggy Okay :thinking: And it’s definitely the GUID on the bottom of the device you’re entering after the set up has been completed fully/most up to date version of the app?

Thanks Holly. It’s definitely the guid code from the bottom of the device ( which is identical to the one shown on the device under menu: meter information.) And the app is up to date. Cannot complete the set up because the guid code is not recognised.
Over to you…
Cheers, C