New Look Referral Sign-Up Page - Anyone Else Not Receiving Referral Confirmations?

To the best of my knowledge the style of the referral sign-up page changed at some point on Wednesday. I can no longer view the page on my ageing phone, but of more concern is that I’ve had at least 4 people use my referral link since then and I’ve received no email confirmation for any of them and they haven’t appeared in my Bulb account. These have all been (or will be) sorted manually but my worry is that something in the new style sign-up page has broken the referral element.

Has anyone else experienced this (I see one similar post in the Help and Support section) and can Bulb please confirm that all is as it should be and/or put through a test referral sign-up to make sure they’re working properly?


P.S. Prepayment meter switches through the different URL appear to be working fine.

Hi @norman7115 we did have a bit of a bug with our referrals recently, we’ll be in touch with all those accounts affected shortly. If you haven’t heard from us please send us an email at

I used a referral link to sign up to Bulb on Tuesday 28th August and apparently my friend who sent me the referral link has not received any notification. I guess we will have to follow this up on the phone with Bulb.

@David_316 Hi David, if you don’t hear from us about your referral by the end of the week, let us know and we’ll add it manually for you both :slight_smile:

Looks like referral sign-up confirmation emails aren’t being sent.

@“Devin at Bulb”?

Heya @norman7115

This is not a known problem at our end. Could you give me a little more detail about this? Have you recently referred and not received a confirmation email?

Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb”. I’ll message you with details.

I have sent two times ( 7 Oct and 4 Nov ) about the same referal link problem I have not got any response

One of my friend has registered though my referral link ==== but he does not appear under my account. This case is also occurred at this month. ========

His account details

Name : ========

Postcode : TW11 9EG

My account details

Name : =======

Postcode : TW11 8RN

I’m still waiting for my referral from July this year. Sent emails to Bulb but they just send me details that I should get the referral fee in 21 days. The way this lot are going I will be lucky to get the fee in 21 weeks let alone days!