New Member 27th June

Ok, currently i am with NPOWER…well for another 18 minutes at the time of starting to type this message.

I will be honest they are the worst company I have ever come across. When I saw bulb’s details I signed up and I already have heard good things from friends.

Not being tied into any contract is for me fantastic because it is the first time that I have ever moved away from one of the “big names”. I am happier that I am going to be able to help, Green Energy is a huge factor and if as a customer I can help promote that then I will do.
Currently it is obvious to me that Energy companies are making MASSIVE profits from people and I am sure we have all seen reports about people not being able to afford to turn their heating on at winter.

This is something that cannot be allowed to continue, I really hope bulb are dedicated to sorting things and keeping their prices. I have no problem with a little fluctuation but I cannot afford to have the stress that I had with NPower again.

Paying in advance is not something that I have done before but it was A LOT cheaper than a month with N Power.

  • I will add that I know Bulb is currently growing as a company and as such I do expect there to be some teething problems, but I have signed up to the Priority Service and have downloaded the App.

Is there anything that as a customer I can do to help promote Bulb other than the Promotional Link?