New member, can submit electricity reading but not gas

My account with Bulb went live a couple of weeks ago and I was able to submit my opening reading for electricity but I do not have a button to submit gas. I have my gas reading but nowhere to submit it. The live chat has been completely useless, telling me either that I was trying too early or that they were too busy. I got connected to an operator in live chat today for the very first time. Wrote messages to explain my issue but was disconnected without a response after 10-15 minutes. How do I get to speak to an actual person about my concerns?

I switched on a friend’s recommendation, I live in the tiniest one bed flat and my monthly usage was between £30-£40 with my previous provider, Bulb now estimates £93. How?? That’s more than double.

Bulb now estimates £93. How?
Blub has been raising everbodys DD in an effort to raise funds in an effort to keep the company afloat(so far not very successfully) If the worst comes to the worst, which seems likely, and they do go belly up your acroud credit is protected by the OFGEM gua ntee

Hi @EMf42wr - welcome to Community :wave:

I’m sorry your switch to Bulb hasn’t gone as you had planned. I’ve had a look through your account and I can’t see a notification to say we registered for your gas supply. Did you receive an email at all asking for a copy of a bill with your previous supplier? It may be that we’ve struggled to find the correct gas meter to take over the supply of. I’m going to drop you an email now so we can get this sorted for you.

At the moment your payments are set at £35, but it’s likely we’ll need to increase this as we move into the colder months. I appreciate £93 is very high though, so we’ll discuss this once we’ve got your gas sorted.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan

I have emailed over the information you requested.

I had no idea that a switch for gas had not taken place. I had obviously requested to switch for both fuels and it wasn’t confirmed to myself that one of the switches was unsuccessful.

I shopped around before my switch and Bulb appeared to be the cheapest available at the time out of all suppliers big and small, so I went for it. If I end up with a charge of £93 a month I will simply switch again as this is not acceptable. My tiny one bedroom flat was converted out of two rooms and my usage, particularly for gas, is very low even in the winter months. With my previous supplier I was paying around £40/month in the winter months and £33/month in the summer months.

Hi @EMf42wr :wave:

Thanks for sending those details over, we’ve applied for your gas supply and it should come over on the 03/11/2021.

Did you have an annual yearly consumption for your gas usage from your old supplier? We could use that to calculate your new payment amount.


Ele :bulb:

Hi Ele at Bulb

My annual consumption is estimated at 2172 kWh.

Kind regards

Hi @EMf42wr :wave:

Thanks for sending that through. The new quote for your electricity and gas (once it switches) will be £54.38 a month.

– Meg :bulb: