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Hi I was just wondering I switched with you a couple days ago and my current electric is going to run out in a day or so do I too it up or leave it

Hi @Paris_Compton1 ,

Welcome to Bulb! (PS This is a public community forum and most people here - including myself - are just fellow customers).

I’m assume that by sounds of things you are a pre-pay customer using a key/card for top-ups and are currently awaiting your first Bulb key/card. If so, you may find the Switching to Bulb on top up (prepay) – Bulb article useful , but basically keep using your old key/card until your new Bulb one arrives (so feel free to top up) and once you’ve received your new Bulb one keep using the old one until the credit runs out ( The first time you use your top up (prepayment) key or card – Bulb ).