New meter fitted

Last week I had a new meter fitted. My first question is when will you interrogate the old meter to obtain a final reading as I hadn’t been able to submit a reading since the beginning of february. My second question is about the new meter. Previously I had to submit 2 readings and this only has one. Why am I no longer on dual tariff?

Hey @Pete_The_Raven_1959 we should get these readings through in the next few days if they were available from the faulty meter. You will see these appear on your account at the same point you see the meter number change.

I can see that the engineer has installed a one rate meter at the property. From your usage history, this looks favourable to you as roughly 85% of your usage was daytime use (August 17 to Feb 18). If you would prefer to have a 2-rate meter at the property as before, we could arrange to put this back in for you.