New Meter Installed - Now boiler not working

I got a new credit meter installed (not a smart one, at least i dont think it is!!) as my old prepayment meter had broken. I had been away with work for the week since my meter had been installed, have clme back for the weekend with my children and have no working boiler and no hot water!!

Have had the councils contractors out and they have said its a problem with the meter (they also said that my boiler should have power between 2 and 8 so should have had hot water but this didnt happen… bloody cowboys!!)

To be frank, im at the end of my tether, i cant wash without boiling the kettle 20 odd times, the council are of no use, bulb dont have any support at all across the weekends and its been absolutely freezing!! Help me please!!

The meter that was installed is a multirate watt hour meter solid state digital by Landis + Gyr and I have a Thermaflow boiler