New meter installed

Hi! Hoping I’m in the right place to ask for some help.

We had a leak on our gas metre before Xmas. The gas board were called and they installed a new meter. All good. However now when I try to submit my meter reading on Bulb it’s not recognised because it’s a new meter. The guy from the Gas Board told me that they would automatically notify our supplier and as the serial numbers matched on the photo I uploaded to Bulb there should be no problem. But it hasn’t worked. What do I do next? Or who do I speak to?


Bulb’s contact details are on this page:

No they weren’t, and no he didn’t. There hasn’t been a gas board since 1972.

As Allanr said, you need to talk to Bulb regarding getting the meter information updated.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Apologies my terminology was wrong.
The emergency gas number was called. And they sent Wales & West out and they installed a new meter. But thanks for your response anyways.