New Meter, New Serial Number


Originally submitted this as a help request 7 days ago but still haven’t received a reply from Bulb, so thought I’d try posting here.

I’ve recently had a new gas meter installed. When they installed the meter, the new meter reading was different to the last reading on the old one – they’re about 500 units different.

I have the serial numbers of both the old and new meters, as well as the final old meter reading and initial new meter reading, and I’m wondering where I can submit this data so I can avoid getting an inaccurate bill when I enter my new meter readings!



Hey @mtthwprctr. I can see that Zoe has now resolved this for you and popped some compensation on your account. I’m sorry about the wait time. We have been particularly busy these past couple of weeks but are working hard to get back to everyone as quickly as we can. We’ve also hired lots of new staff so our wait times will be back to normal shortly.