New meter, no bills

I wonder if someone from bulb could look into this for me… My electricity meter failed beginning of August, it was replaced on the 8th August, since then I’ve been unable to submit a reading. Whenever I submit my account doesn’t update and the last reading showing is from prior to the replacement.

I have emailed all the details to bulb and been told it’s been sorted out… A month after that I emailed again to say there has been no change, and eventually got a response asking if I’d had a replacement meter (!!!)… Sent all the details again, that was 2 weeks ago and I’ve had no response since. I’ve email twice since, but no reply, not even an acknowledgement.

I was happy with my switch, but starting to regret it now.

Hi @alunheseltine ,

Sorry to hear you are having these problems - if you aren’t getting a satisfactory response from or their telephone number ( ), I would suggest raising an official complaint via . Unfortunately, in this case, there’s not much we fellow customers/community members can do to assist apart from speculate what has happened (my personal thoughts are Bulb are still waiting for the new meter to be registered on the national meter database - which can take a couple of weeks and tends to be between the engineer that fits them and the database maintainers - but for some reason that update hasn’t happened correctly and therefore the information hasn’t flowed through to Bulb).

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for that, I suspect you’re right, however it’s dragged on somewhat and the lack of response from Bulb is frustrating.

I appreciate this is the community forum, I was just hoping one of the @bulb folk would see this and escalate it.