New Meter/Previous readings

Hi, can you please help. I’m now over £660 in debt and have adjusted my payments to hopefully reduce this. But I’m concerned that some of the meter readings since I had a new meter fitted may not be correct. The meter reading I have just provided today is 100% correct.
Could you please look into my previous readings to ensure everything looks correct or calculate on the last old meter reading to the latest, I don’t know what I’m looking at to check these. Just want to satisfy myself I haven’t made an error. It would be useful if cutomers could download a spreadsheet version of readings/usage.
Regards, Paul :confused:

@paul7947 I’ve sent you a wee email

Rory, I haven’t received you email, could you please resend.
Regards, Paul

Hi @paul7947 - sorry about that, it looks like it didn’t send properly. I’ve sent you another one now :slight_smile: