New monthly statement

My new **MONTHLY **statement has arrived today with extra charges added to it back to June last year with a load of extra charges on it , it’s now wiped out half of my credit balance anyone else had this problem & why Bulb ? Not happy

No other customers will know the answer since we can’t see what’s on your account or what those transactions are.

What have Bulb said when you asked them?

They haven’t replied , been waiting over an hour for reply on chat !!!Been very please with Bulb up until now, getting frustrated


A statement should be fairly simple, with just one calculation showing meter readings, and another for daily standing charge. If you look back at the meter readings on previous statements, you should be able to follow it all through to the latest statement. Does that work?

What are the “load of extra charges” detailed as on the statement? They must have a name or description of some sort.

They have put down 6 credit notes dated Friday but they are not my payments I’ve paid as they don’t tally up very confusing, as you say I need to look at old statements to see what’s going on

I think you’ll find those credits are for previous bills. The large bill is to recalculate that period. Have you been submitting regular readings?

I’m on a smart meter & they’ve been taking regular monthly readings from that

This is a genuine question, are you absolutely sure about that? Check your previous statements, they’re quite likely estimated because the connection wasn’t working.

I bet what has happened is that many of your previous estimated statements have been refunded (the credits) and then an actual statement produced based on a real meter reading that has only just started working.

worked through all previous statements & it all works out ,the only thing is i don’t have a bill now just for January’s usage ,yes i can do the maths & work it out ,but i have a bill From June 2019 to January 2020 with lots of credits & debit listed which looks complicated when really it only needed to be 1 month,the end figure is still the same !!! and no its not because of estimated readings,not sure why they’ve done it like that hopefully back to normal next month

If the end figure is still the same, why has it “wiped out half of [your] credit balance”?

Something still seems a bit odd here.

I have a similar experience - rebilling back to June, just before smart meter installation. Since June I received estimated billing every month, despite having a SM!, until December, when a reading was taken. Now the new statement has an additional meter reading for the whole 7 month period - it is ‘Meter readings (1)’, whereas previously I have only had ‘Meter readings (N)’. This MR1 has added 60% more energy consumption to my bill and wiped out my credit balance, such that I’m now in debit. I have emailed Bulb for an explanation of what MR1 is, as it seems completely spurious. Obviously no answer as yet. Today I received an automated email suggesting payment increases by 45% to cover this increased energy, which I won’t be doing without investigated justification from Bulb.

To be clear, I’m on electricity only single tariff, and the previous billings were in line with my energy use prior to SM installation. So this new ‘meter reading (1)’ is either some new SM-related error, or my old meter was hiding a lot of energy use…

If you take a manual reading from your meter (just like you used to do before smart meters) how does that compare with what’s being billed on your new statement? It’s easy enough to work out what your bill should be and then compare.

That is quite possible.

One common example, not that this necessarily applies to you but just for info, is people who have solar panels where their old meter incorrectly ran backwards when exporting power and no one ever noticed or reported it. When the smart meter is installed and meters correctly, it can appear that usage has gone up considerably when in fact it’s just the old meter was under reading.

I do not have visual access at present, but the Meter reading (N) is in line with expectations and was ‘Read’ for the December statement. Meter reading (1) is a new line item on my statement, and I have no idea where it has come from. There are no solar panels involved.