New occupancy

I recommended my son to register for gas and electricity to be supplied by Bulb when he moved into his new home. You have come back and said the original supplier has blocked the switch and for him to contact them. He has no idea who the suppliers are of the gas and electricity to the previous owner - can you tell us who they are so that we can contact them - thank you.

Hi @kasa7,

For the gas supply, you can use to look up this information. For electricity, it’s a bit more trickier - you’ll need to find out who your local ‘DNO’ (Distribution Network Operator) is from and that’ll tell you who ‘operates’ the local power grid: if you then call them up, they should be able to point you towards the relevant supplier.

But, yes, it would be helpful if in those situations Bulb did include the current suppliers name (if not contact details) in the email - but whether they are not allowed to for certain reasons (such as confidentiality or industry regulations), I do not know.

Hi @Kasa7 I have emailed you to get your details and i should be able to aid you in this issue.