New passwords

When changing our passwords, can we have the option to make it visible? You only get one attempt, and it would be reassuring to see what you’ve keyed in, especially if using a small phone touch screen.

@greatrex that is a great suggestion. It would definitely help ensure that you’ve keyed in the password you want. I’ll pass it on to our tech team :slight_smile:

Most sites also have a “double type” validation for creating or changing passwords which helps to avoid typos by checking that the values match. Perhaps this is also a possibility?

I think the trend is away from double-type validation – @matthew744 do you find it useful, or annoying?

@“Andrew at Bulb” I suppose the “show password” option makes double typing redundant. Perhaps the sites I know that use it are slow on the uptake of new ideas!

@matthew744 Yeah, only one or the other is needed really. Which method do you prefer?

Show password is fine so long as it’s not automatically on…