New payment stuff

So this new minimum payment this is annoying… and the same as some others on here, the statements always seem to come out the day before my payment goes through! I’m currently £140 in credit… but my next statement will wipe that out and put me in debit for 24 hours (I have a hot tub, so have big electricity bills), payment then goes through and all sorted again!

I don’t accept the new minimum payment proposed and will be looking to change I’m afraid (note that for me the 8 legged provider reports to be more than bulb in the estimate calculators)



That’s by design (the payment date and statement date are technically the same, but the DD system means Bulb don’t actually get the money for a couple of days after it’s left your account).

Bulb’s pricing is supposedly designed around everyone paying one month in advance (eg if your payment date is 1st, the payment on 1st September is to pay for September’s usage, not August’s).

The important things to look at are the unit rates and standing charges - the comparison estimates are mostly BS (unless you provide actual consumption figures).

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Hi @Paul_and_Mandy we’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the changes to your payments.

Because we take payments in advance and statements at the end of the billing month, your payment for October will have come out the day after your September statement. This also means that your account should be around one month’s payment in credit once your payment has been processed.

I can see you’ve got an open email thread with my colleague. Please could you reply there to arrange a callback or discuss the account further?