NEW Price Rises

I’ve just had my notification of new charges, YES i understand actual fuel costs have risen, so WHY the MASSIVE increase in the standing charge, seems like pure profiteering.


People struggling financially, will be charged more despite doing everything they can to use less energy. Seems like the only option is to have your gas meter disconnected. Increasing the standing charge is a con full stop


This is not bulbs fault. There is an international energy crisis going on. Bulb literally can’t even do anything as not only are they in special administration but their hands are tied.

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Energy price rises i have NO issue with. Only when its piled onto the daily standing charge, there are no enhanced costs associated with this, its a fixed sum that should only rise with inflation etc.


I have the same question, the actual price rise is not that big but the electricity standing charges are almost double?

Can anyone share some light as to why?


The standing charge is mostly set by the distribution network (National Grid) to cover the cost of getting the electricity to you (although Bulb /probably/ take a bit to cover the cost of the meter and/or other costs).

OFGEM has increased the maximum daily standing charge (the “price cap”) to 45p a day (from the old maximum of 25p). Bulb is charging me now 23.76p per day (22.628p per day+vat): so below the price cap - and will be increasing to 44.75p per day (again, just below the price cap).

With the current energy climate, I’ll be surprised if you can find anywhere cheaper.

Why should there be any standing charge at all, all associated costs should be built in to the energy price. Many retailers do free delivery, it’s just built into the price. The energy meters rarely need servicing over many many years. As for the excessive direct debit demands, they love having our money in their account, when we our usage will be much less over the next 6 months


The increased standing charge will include higher Supplier of Last Resort levies, which pays for all the energy suppliers who went bust.

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Hi @Jimpster :wave: and welcome to Community :partying_face:

Unfortunately, the increase in wholesale costs has been so dramatic that we need to increase our prices across all areas. You can read more about why energy prices are increasing on our blog:

We know this is a difficult time for many and we want to do everything we can to help. If you do find yourself in difficulty with your energy account we have some info about the ways we can help on our blog:

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Understand increase in energy charges but doubling the electricity standing charge must be hard to justify?


I agree. It’s a big increase in the standing charge for electric and how can they justify this.
I understand price increases and I can just about afford to pay the price increase for electric but the starting charge increase is becoming a joke.


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I’ve not heard anything as yet on price rises for Business customers. No information on your Business Tariffs page either

Hi @nicip1 :wave: Welcome to Community,

We haven’t announced any changes to the Business tariff. If the prices are due to increase we will always email you with at least 30 days’ notice.

– KT :bulb:

That sounds wrong surely every customer should suck up the rise.

Business customers don’t benefit from the price cap and typically already pay more than domestic consumers per unit anyway. They are subsidising domestic customers, not the other way around!

BULB Is ripping off its customers, and here’s why.

1, BULB advertises its self as 100% green & renewable, wind, solar so on.
2, The Sun & The Wind haven’t changed over the last few million years.

So why if BULB uses 100% green & renewable energy sources as per the sales pitch and green statements of pride and intent, is the Energy market having the exact say effect as if our energy supplier run their whole supply chain on Gas, Oil, and Nuke ?

1, Why are our fuel bills being increased the same as customers who’s suppliers that are Not Green or Renewable? We are getting More Sun because of global warming, the whole reason for changing to bulb in the first place. Save the planet and all that. So output of the solar farms by any logical approach will have increased and become more productive with t the same overhaul investment.

2, Standing charge is, has been indexed linked for as long as I can remember. so how can buld Justify a 200% increase in the standing charge?

3 Everyone should know that most Plant hire companies will Hire you a 10Kw inclusive of fuel and tax generator in a soundproof box for a fixed price of between £150-£250 per month and will hook it up to your house inclusive in the price.

All that being said, I can see people starting to swap supplier to the local Plant Hire company if bills continue to rise, BULB along with all the other suppliers will put themselves out of business. For me its only going to take another £20 a month in electric use alone for me to hit that £150 per month mark not only will i save on energy use, i can also have the house disconnected and not have to pay the standing charge.

Its becoming apparent that BULB sold us the lie of 100% renewables and green energy to falsely get us to become their customer, and have simply for profit increased their prices for nothing more than profit at our expense.

Shame on you BULB !