New smart gas meter sent reading of 99999


I had my smart gas meter replaced and the first reading it seems to have sent to 99999. This seems obviously wrong to me - surely it should either start at zero or the reading my old smart gas meter had (887). If this reading of 99999 is actually used my bill would be astronomical! Does something need fixing?



Hi Mark :wave:

There’s nothing to worry about here, the opening readings for a new meter will be either 0 or 99999. After 99999 the next number that will tick over on the meter is 1, so we’ll be billing you for your exact usage only.

I hope that clears things up but let me know?

– Meg :bulb:

After 99999 the next number should be 00000

Hi @JMduL - welcome to community :wave:

It will go from 99999 to 1, because the meter will start recording usage. If it went to 00000 then that wouldn’t be recorded as usage.

– Meg :bulb: