New smart meter and IHD

I had a smart meter installed on the 15th of Feb and was given an IHD.
Bulb never informed me of my unit rate or standing charge and it took a lot of work to get the information. When my IHD came online I had a check through it to see what was what and I found the unit rate and standing charge prices. Right now I can see what I am paying. Apparently, these were the wrong amounts and I only discovered this when I was billed for 3 days at a different rate and on a 2 rate system instead of 1. The rates and standing charge on the account are now correct but my smart meter and IHD still haven’t been updated.

Does anyone know how long this will take to update. I have asked bulb but not getting a reply to how long it will be.

Hi @alanhodkin1 - some In-Home Display units will include VAT, whereas some units may not. Is your In-Home Display currently connected to wifi? This should ensure the In-Home Display receives any firmware updates.

I can see you have a complaint open with us, so I’ve asked my colleague to get back to you there so we can keep the correspondence about this in one place.

So when will the IHD match my account?

When will the £4.89 be returned to my account?

When will the confirmation billing dates be confirmed. Will they be from the 15th to the 14th? Which would make sense (maybe you will need to look up what this means as there is certainly a lack of it at bulb) as I had my smart meter installed on the 15th. And the 3 day bill was at an incorrect rate and I thought you billed customers every month.