New Smart meter does not show gas usage

Today the Siemens technician installed my smart meters. But the home display does not show gas usage, not at the beginning, not ten hrs later. The technician had gone before I discovered where he left the display. Now I would like to know:
A- does Bulb still receive my gas readings? That was the whole point of installation, to avoid estimates.
B- is there anything I can do to show the gas readings?
Please advise me

EDIT: Suddenly it has started to indicate the gas too, nearly 12 hrs later. But it indicates kw for gas, and pounds (money) for electricity. Any reasons?

Hi @Franco56 :wave:

When we install smart meters and IHDs, we typically explain that for the first 48 hours, we will be setting up the devices and getting the connection established. The information that’s shown on your IHD should all be sorted and be displaying correctly before the end of today, however if it still doesn’t look quite right, I’d suggest making sure you have tried a reset on the device, using the button on the back.

In terms of the readings, yes it does look like they’ll be coming through to us, but we’ve only received one reading for each meter, as the install only took place a few days ago. You should find that, in time for your next energy statement, we have everything set up and the readings will be coming through each day.

-Luke :bulb: