New smart meter fitted a 5 days ago...still IHD not showing data?

Had smart meter fitted 5days ago and display no info about my usage??..I think it’s demo info??

I believe that all IHD6 units do not work out of the box because the software/firmware needs updating. I am sure that Bulb and the installers know this but they do not tell customers or inform them what to do. Go to the menu (bottom right) and press symbol. From there select IHD info. If it says IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.1 CAD 1.7 then the software is out of date. If this is the case then you need to connect the unit to your wifi. The instructions which came with the unit tell you how to do this. After a day or so the unit will update to IHD6-CAD-PPMID 1.4 CAD 1.9. This worked for me.

Richard, I had a smart metre fitted 01/04/2019!! And not only does the IHDU not work, but my meter is still not connected and I have to submit monthly readings. I have always been happy with the way Bulb operate other than this. I would not recommend a Smart Meter being fitted. The frustration of trying to get it fixed is annoying. The last correspondence I had was that as the complaint was unsolved after X amount of time I could now refer it to the Ombudsman. As I have other things going on in my life I have resigned myself to submitting monthly readings. Good luck with yours…

Thanks for all the advice…I think I will just stick to submitting monthly readings if I can…

I had a meter changed without even being told and I have no idea what’s going on. Bulb used to be so simple. Thinking of switching

Bulb has become so confusing, I’ve had a new meter installed without any notification, statements are so difficult to understand and the cost seems to have risen considerably. Either that or I’m using much more than I used to. OMG what have you done Bulb to the statements of lack of?? Thinking of switching just to complicated for me. As is your website, dreadful

Mine works intermittently. I mostly get power readings for price and kWh, gas sometimes shows kWh, but not intraday cost, although it does show weekly. It’s very temperamental.