New Smart meter fitted but no IHD display for gas

Hi, We got our new Smart meters fitted yesterday and the IHD shows electric readings no problem but hasn’t showed any info for Gas usage. IHD is showing full bars for connection. The gas meter is outside the house about 6 metres from the IHD and electric meter.
Any advice?

patience, lots of patience

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This is a good question. Your IHD can take a little while before it starts to function fully, as we need to get all the details of your meter exchange from Morrisons Data Services who installed the meters. It can take up to 4 weeks for all of the correct details to be showing in your Bulb account, and once we’re getting regular readings from both meters, it’s likely that your IHD will function properly.

So, as @mojo said, patience is required on this one. If the IHD still isn’t showing gas usage in 4 weeks, please let us know.

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