New Smart Meter - IHD Not Working

4 days ago I had a smart meter fitted, the elec reading on the IHD was working as soon as the fitter fitted it, he said I’d have to wait 48 hrs for the gas.
A few hours later on the same day the power had to be cut for some work on the main feed, since then the IHD no longer works at all… just “--------------” where the readings should be, I have tried the 48 hour reset but still not working.
Seems the IHD is no longer connected to the meters… any ideas how to get this fixed?

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If you have already tried the reset, try going to :slight_smile:

yep… still not working.

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So you have filled out that form and waited 48 hours in 3.5 hours? impressive!


They’d already said before your suggestion that they’d tried the 48 wait, it’s safe to assume they also filled in the online form then as well

4 days since meter installation is only a short time though, Rob needs to give things a few weeks to get set up at least, then query Bulb

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I assumed he meant he has unplugged the ihd for 48 hours, turning it on to drain its battery and reset it.

The form I said to try takes a further 48 hours to work, which is why I was confused.

@rob.kelley disregard my message

I think @rob.kelley is suffering from premature installation :joy:

With the Covid Pandemic as well I think we have to expect delays with pretty much everything, a friend had to wait 3 months for Currys to deliver a printer to her which she’d paid for and was apparently in stock at the time of ordering :flushed:


Hi @rob.kelley :wave: Welcome to the Bulb Community.

If your IHD was working upon installation then we should be able to fix this issue. Please could you carry out the two reset methods below and let me know if usage data then shows within 48 hours?

Method 1

Hold the reset button for 15s. This gives the IHD a hard reset

Method 2

  • Unplug the IHD and let it run completely out of power
  • Restart the IHD using the button at the back, making sure it is still unplugged
  • The emergency power reserve will need to drain also, so let this happen
  • Try to restart the IHD again. If it turns on, it still has power that needs to drain so let it run down
  • Once the IHD cannot turn on any more, recharge it and turn it on
  • The IHD should now work

I’ve tried method 1 numerous times… no luck, I’ll try 2 today.

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Hi @rob.kelley,

Please let us know if you still having problems after trying method 2 and we can escalate your case to our smart team if needed.

Also, if you haven’t already I recommend updating your meter reading preferences to daily:


I’ve done method 2, and still no data… just ‘----------------------’ on all the screens.
I also notice that the Wifi is rubbish, it keeps dropping the connection despite being right next to the wifi AP… is this IHD faulty?
You recommend daily readings but my account half hourly…

I called support today, sadly not much help…
I did ask why so many people are having so many problems, I was told that smart meters are being rolled out to hit the gov set targets targets and got the impression that the fact they don’t actually work means nothing - as long as the targets for deployment are hit!

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Hi @rob.kelley,

I can see that you now have an open complaint with the Energy Specialist you spoke to on the phone today. I can also see that she has escalated this to the smart team.

Our smart data team should be able to get this working for you. It looks like we may need to request your communications hub to be rebooted via the DCC ( the organisation that manage the smart network). If this is the case, my colleague who you have raised the complaint with will be in touch very soon with more information.

I’m really sorry for the experience you’ve had with your smart meter so far.


She said it could take up to a month to get the over the air reset done… wish I’d stuck with my old meters.
I did ask before having these fitted if they would work and was assured they would… gas meter isn’t working at all, elec meter is sending readings and the IHD doesn’t work, 1 out of 3… not ideal.

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This is correct, if we do need to request a communications hub reboot this does take around 1 month to be resolved. I’m really sorry for this frustrating situation.

If the gas meter is not sending remote readings at the moment, the meter itself will still be able to get a physical reading in the same way as your old meter would of. Therefore, you will still be able to submit a gas reading during this temporary period whilst we’re working on getting your smart meter working.


The whole Smart Meter network and hardware, especially the IHD pairing was rolled far too soon by the Government and companies like Siemens, Chameleon ect

The firmware on the IHD’s was/is poor and the cellular network itself has huge dead spots all over the UK

Smart meters are a nice idea and it is nice when the meters and IHD are FINALLY working for a customer (14 months in my case from installation to everything running tickety-boo) but it was introduced before it was ready to be used in large numbers, in parts of the UK with a poor signal or before the IHD firmware was at a decent level

Poor companies like OVO or Bulb get their ears chewed off by angry customers but it’s not really their fault, they’re just the scape goats and verbal punchbags


Hi @shaun5948

I do think that when the rollout started, our installation success rate was lower than we would have liked, and we saw a large amount of our service inflow revolving around smart meters. As you mentioned, there was also limitations to the signal strength in different regions of the UK.

I would say this was largely addressed, with the installation success rate increasing massively in the summer / early autumn of last year, on top of this we’ve now also been able to connect to thousands of the first gen smart meters we supply.

Another benefit of installing smart meters while the network is still being expanded, rather than only upon completion, is that it gets them in homes much sooner in eligible areas, and prevents a bottleneck of demand on appointments if they opened up to everyone at the same time.

I do understand that any failure rate or teething problems leads to a certain amount of dissatisfaction, especially when we as the supplier may not be able to fix the issue, but there have also been benefits to doing it this way.

Any sympathy for the flack that’s come supplier’s way as a result of the rollout will always be appreciated by team Bulb, so thanks for recognising that :sunglasses:


Just a note on the wifi, with my network, i used to have a BT “smart hub” or whatever its called. this combines both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks into 1 by default. This caused ussues with many of my WiFi connected devices, including my IHD.

To fix this go to http://bthomehub.home/ You should see this :

Go to “Advanced settings” in the bottom right
Go to “wireless”
At this point, you will need to enter the admin password located on the back of the hub. this is not the same as your WiFi password.
Finally click on “separate bands”, it should be turned on

after that, My IHD has a much more consistent WiFi signal.

edit : although you would need to know where I live, decided I don’t want the internet knowing my wifi password lol (edited image to remove password)

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Thanks @izzyhunt for sharing this with @rob.kelley this is really useful information and not something I was personally aware of causing issues with the IHD.

I’m with BT for internet and have to say the wifi connection has been immaculate (in two flats). Did you find this fix out through Bulb or BT?

BT forums. Ever since I both split the bands, and changed the channels, I’ve had far superior coverage and speeds. Not sure if its been fixed in a Update with BT. It’s also known to cause issues with Apple devices. Another thing worth doing is checking that the channel is clear using a wifi analyser app on your phone, though that can cause issues with the zigbee connection if changed.