New Smart Meter install - awaiting connection


I had an engineer install a smart meter on Monday - I was told the network was down, and that it couldn’t connect. I was told someone from Bulb would contact me , and talk me through pressing the relevant buttons to get it working.

Could I have feedback on when this will happen?

Many thanks,


Hi @petem,

Firstly, I just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community! :smile:

We’re really sorry that your smart meter couldn’t be connected on the date of the installation, it doesn’t seem like the engineer has logged a callback request in this situation.

I would recommend giving us a call on 03003030635 or getting in touch here someone can look into this for you! :male_detective:

Thanks Trevor,

The online chat link you’ve sent me tells me no-one is there to help me at the moment, and your telephone number is saying a wait time of 40 minutes.

Seperately, bulb have emailed me and told me I’ll have to have an engineer out to look at this, and the wait time is 6 months.

The engineer on Monday said it will be a process of pressing a button on my side. Can you assist?

Many thanks,


Hi @petem,

It sounds like there were commissioning issues with your meter. Commissioning is where the engineer connects your meter to the Smart Network.

We would be able to remotely assist you with this, just pop us an email at

We’re sorry about our wait times, we have a high in flow of calls currently.