New Smart Meter Installed but only displaying Electricity Readings

I had a new Electricity Meter Installed Yesterday as the old one stopped working a while ago and have been sending in manual readings. At the same time as he installed it the engineer gave me a new Smart Meter. The issue is that it is only getting readings from the Electricity supply. How do i get it to obtain readings from the Gas as well as the electricity


If you click Menu, you should see a dual fuel option if its available

Displaying it now thanks

i have the same problem - no mention of gas meter on my 1 week old ihd. i can not find ‘dual fuel’ in the menu as you suggest?. 7 emails between me and bulb still has not fixed it and they are now talking about a 2-3 weeks ‘comms hub’ reboot.

I found that my problem was that the meter was too far away from the Gas Supply. Moved it closer to the gas and electricity and reset it and it is now working

Hope that helps