new smart meter installed on 29th april 2019

Firstly my smart meter wasnt connected to the network the engineer was unable to connect it

Secondly I have just tried to submit new readings the ones that are on the new smart meters and you are saying i must send you a photo of the meter as the reading is wrong as it is lower than the previous reading - I would have said that was obvious as it is a new meter

Can you please get me connected to the network so that the smart meter is doing its job and submitting the readings to you

Please sort this i have no intention of sending you photos of meters you have just installed

Please reply as soon as possible

You need to get your act together

You need to get your act together

I don’t require any photographs of your meter, I am unable to connect you to the network and unfortunately I can’t sort out your problem,

The reason I say this is that I am just another customer of Bulb posting on this public forum.

Personally in your situation I would have contacted Bulb direct rather than post on the community forum.