New Smart Meter - no credit and no way to top up

Got a new smart meter installed today. The credit on my existing meter doesn’t appear to have been moved over so my balance is now negative and I can’t top up as when I log into the app it just tells me “This app doesn’t work with traditional top up meters”.

Anyone got any ideas?

Hey @JakeNic
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When you have a meter exchange it can take a couple of hours for the account to update as we receive all this data from the engineers. If it was done today just bear with us! You should be able to top up on your account by Monday latest as well as see the balance on the meters. If you’re still having trouble just let us know here and we can take a look for you :slight_smile:

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Hi Holly,

I did think I was maybe being a bit too impatient, thanks for the reassurance :grin:

Does that mean you have no electric till it sorts itself out??

Hi @JakeNic :wave:

I just wanted to check in, has the credit been added to your new meter yet?

If not let me know, and I will chase for you.

All the best,

Hi @martyfartpants :wave:

After a pay as you go meter has been exchanged for a smart pay as you go meter we ensure that the electricity supply won’t go off for 3 days to allow us to ensure everything is set up correctly and give the member enough time to top up for the first time :+1:

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Not as far as I can tell. I activated emergency credit to tide us over til we could top up, this then got removed a couple of hours later for some reason and the electricity shut off until I activated the emergency credit again. We can now top up, however.

Hey @JakeNic

I’ve chased this up with our Smart pay as you go team to process for you, it should be added in the next day or so :slight_smile: