New smart meter not working yet

Ok so I had my new smart meter installed today but the little box you plug in the wall is still waiting? How long does it do that for, manual says contact bulb if still doing it in 48 hours? Is this the norm, they finished installing at 11 this morning.

Is it connected to the HAN? Can you send a picture of the display?

Is this what you mean?

The bars in the top left corner look as if the device is connected to the comms hub.

There are multiple reasons why you might not see the data yet but it may be that Bulb need to re-run the join to the electricity meter. I’d call Bulb and ask if the electricity meter join has gone through and if not ask them to re-run it.

I’d also suggest connecting the device to wi-fi. That is the means of delivering a firmware update to the device which may help.

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Ok, thanks. The installer had trouble and had to phone to sort something out. It won’t connect to WiFi I’ve tried lots of times. I’ll ring tomorrow, bit of a pain!

hi, i have been informing bulb everyweek for almost 5 months, my smart metere display does not work, i have tried everything you suggested, it simple does not work and you need to come replace it, i been asking for you to send someone for four months now. Instead I am still opening my garage too take readings, also it caused my anixity and distress as yo not replied to me too replace it you keep fobbing me off or ignoring my messages, i have not benifted from it, you have because you can take meter readings, but for me you have frustrated and caused me so much aniexty and distress and by not replying you have made my health worse, you offered £10 pounds, that is an insult, becuase the problem has not been resololved, I want you to take the smart meter away, because you are not prepapered to replace it, you given me faulty product that does not display anything, its not in tutorial mode either./.

My smart meter appears to be working fine and displays the usage etc for both gas and electric. Worryingly since getting my smart meters installed in May I’ve not had a single statement and can no longer submit readings through the app. My app does show that the smart meter is submitting readings so I should be getting statements. I’ve tried emailing but not had any response. I’ve sent a message to @William_at_Bulb but no reply yet. Getting worried that I’m gonna be hit with a monstrous bill. Got me all sorts of confused.:thinking:

Mine would not connect to WiFi either and I’m not an idiot. I do all the connecting here. So it’s not like I haven’t a clue. It just doesn’t want to 🤷

The display holds your previous monthly usage (minus standing charge) so you should be fine.

It also holds your meter readings so you should be able to work out your approximate spend from the calculation of your usage against tariff rate.

I haven’t had a statement since 1st May and the last time Bulb added my meter reading to my account was August but I’m pretty comfortable with it.

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I’ve seen the IHD6 showing “connected, no internet” on the screen before but left it overnight and was connected fine in the morning.

The WPS didn’t connect though, not sure if it is the device or the router so I had to type the password in.