New Smart meter problem

I have the same issue. The meter was installed on 7 May and as of today, 26 June, only the gas value are displayed but not the electricity ones. Has anyone in the forum or at Bulb any idea when this will be fixed?

A bit of saga for me also. It looks lilke a bit of a mess for Bulb.

I recently had two emails:

We’ve been trying to fix your in-home display after those problems that you’ve been having. Normally we can fix these from our end but we’ve realised that, in your case, we’ll need you to press a few buttons on your in-home display for this fix to work.

We just need to know a one-hour period when you’ll be able to do this. We don’t need you on the phone, but have to make sure that we’re running the necessary processes at our end around the same time that for things to work. When would you be able to do this?

The only thing we’ll need to know in advance of this hour slot is the device ID of your in-home display. To find the device ID:
-Press OK to bring up the menu on your IHD
-Press right a few times until you see IHD information [OK}.
-Press OK
-You should see a series of digits starting with 0C-A2-F4-00-00-

We’ll need to know the full number to be able to connect to your IHD. So please send that over ahead of your timeslot.

These are the steps you’ll need to follow at some point during that slot, just so you know ahead of time:

  • Press OK to bring up the menu on the IHD
  • Press the right arrow twice. You should see ‘Settings OK’
  • Press OK
  • Press the right arrow a few times until you see ‘Engineering OK’
  • Press OK
  • You should see ‘Join Network OK’
  • Press OK

Please follow those steps at any point during that hour, then put the IHD somewhere near the electric meter and leave it for 24 hour. A lot will change on the screen in that time so it might not look like it’s working straight away.
Once 24 hours have passed the IHD should show the information for all commissioned meters. If it still doesn’t after that, then please try turning it off and on again and let us know if you’re still having troubles. Please don’t reset the IHD before this 24 hours has passed as it is still getting set up.

So please let us know when you’ll be free and we can get things going.

Also a second email:

Your smart meter readings aren’t showing in your Bulb account. We’d like to change your meter settings so your readings are sent to us automatically every day. We think this will fix this problem.

If you’re happy for us to make this change, you don’t need to reply to this email. We’ll go ahead and change your meter settings.

If you don’t want us to make this change, or you’d like to switch back to monthly readings in the future, you can let us know by replying to this email.

Hi @Cassandra

If you’re having issues with your IHD, there is now an option in your bulb account to see if we can fix it.

In most cases this will fix the issue in 48 hours. If it doesn’t work, we’ll investigate the issue and get working on a solution for you.

We’ve also released an update on what’s happening in the world of smart for bulb