New smart meter stopped being smart

I had a smart meter installation on the 6th October and thought everything was working 100% as the meters were happily sending readings and showing up on the app

however since the 16th October all my readings have been estimated so I assume that my smart meters havent been sending readings

I see updates on the IHD about how much is used but no readings sent on my main useage

As I dont want to be hit with a massive bill I have tried to put in manual readings but why should I have to do this with a smart meter?

How do I get this issue resolved ?
I have seen messages about rebooting the meters but I dont know how to do this


Hi @david-eastaugh

I can see that we are getting your smart meter reads the last reads we got were on the 16th Oct.

I recommend that we wait until the 16th Nov to see if the monthly read comes through. As we bill you monthly. I am not quite sure what you mean about the IHD - if you could send in a photo of that would be great.

If we do not get the read on the 16th Nov (when we create your bill) we would then look at rebooting the meters remotely.


Ours never worked for Electricity…the one that is most important! Does work…sort of for Gas
We still provide readings for our electricity consumption…always IGNORED!

Finally the cheap off peak tariff for electricity never materialised…off to Octopus!

I waited
I asked
I pleaded

Did I get a useful answer from Bulb - Of course not

Wait until the 19th November to see if the magical fairies can make your meter work again I am told…

In the meantime at least my electric readings were going through

Then this week the power goes off to half the city and I have nothing

Those cheeky little elves put the plugs back in a few hours later and i have lights and heating…

But guess what just for fun they have decided to stop my Smartmeter even sending electric readings to Bulb

No problem I thought its not the 19th yet, but to be sure I will send manual readings to bulb ‘just in case’…

Now heres the fun bit - As I said my smart meter doesnt send Bulb gas or Electric readings
So you would think if you go on the app and enter the readings manually all would be ok


The magical fairies have a new game
I send Gas readings to Bulb and eventually a day or two after I get the message saying thankyou for the Gas reading it appears on the App

But my electric reading no suck luck - I enter it a few seconds after the gas one ( the length of time it takes to walk across the kitchen to the other meter) and i normally get the thankyou for the reading but does the reading ever end up on my account?


So all knowing and great Bulb how the * do I give you readings when my meter wont send them and when I manually do it you ignore them?

Ohh and by the way the IHD is happily showing how much energy I have used - although after I had to reset the IHD after power cut it refused to reconnect to the meters or my broadband it seems to be having a sense of humour on the cost it displays so I have no idea it it is anyway correct



Yes I am fed up
Yes I am angry
Yes I speaking to Trading Standards on how to Officially complain regarding the shockingly rubbish service from Bulb

If Bulb came to me and asked ‘wheres your payment’ and I said ‘Wait till the 19th of next month to see if it comes through’ then Bulb would be upset

But currently as your random number generator is working and producing estimated readings that I have to pay you just dont care at all

So for the last time will you fix it or else?


Hi @david-eastaugh

I can see we’re receiving smart readings for both meters and there’s no errors on the account that will prevent this from happening in future.

It’s good to hear your IHD is also showing your usage data, so everything seems to be working as we’d hope with regards to your smart meter.

Estimated reads aren’t random and are based on the usage information we receive when a property switches to Bulb, however you’ll be billed to your smart reads each month anyway.

@Mel_at_Bulb asked you to wait, because the smart readings only show in your account around your statement date each month


Ok - So can I get all my facts straight before we go any further?

you are saying that you are now getting readings from my smart meter? ok

I assume that these readings have only started coming in since the power cut that had last week and the manual readings I sent to you on the 14th Nov?

manual readings for both meters were sent in on the 14 Nov but only the Gas one is now showing on the mobile app but there are now smart meter readings on there

however on the energy usage graphs I have nothing after the 6th November for either meter so I dont know if all is working correctly

can I ask why do smart meter readings only appear at the time of my bill - doesnt the meter send you readings all the time

The settings on the IHD are set for every 30 mins but it doesnt matter if the app is on day, week or month I dont have any readings for energy usage throughout the day since about 1 am on the 7th November and the IHD has been reset and restarted numerous time since then


Hi @david-eastaugh,

We have had 2 smart readings for both meters since 14/11. I can see your preferences are set to half hourly, this doesn’t mean half hourly readings will appear on your account, it just means your account will be more up to date than if it were set to monthly.

If you’re having issues with your IHD not updating, please could you follow this link and fill in the details of the issue? Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours. Make sure you keep your IHD turned on and within 5m of your electricity meter overnight and restart it in the morning if nothing has changed.

Let me know if you’re still coming across any issues.


IHD is seeing the amount of energy I am using at all time through the day as it is showing the price and cost etc

So IHD is working

The issue I am talking about is the mobile app and probably the website, but ive given up it it

when you go into the mobile app and select usage the graph at the top of the screen showing cost vertically and date horizontally doesnt show anything after the 6th November for gas or electric

yes I have reset the IHD
yes I have moved it to with in 5m of the meter, infact it was about 20cm from the meter

Also the meter readings show smart readings for 14, 15 and 16 november but nothing later for gas and electric again

Please let me know how often you should be getting readings from my smart meter while it is set as every 30 mins to send an update

Seeing as nobody at bulb seems to understand what is going on with my meter I will try to take photos tonight and upload them so you can see

Is this a Seimens issue with the meter not working or a fault at Bulb with the data from the meter not being processed

If its seimens and the meter at fault please give me the contact details so I can get them to look at it

Hi @david-eastaugh thanks for your response.

I’m glad your IHD is working as it should, but appreciate why you want to access your usage graphs.

I can see the issue you’re referring to. I’m going to raise this with our smart team for you now to see if we can ensure these charts are as up to date as possible - I’ll let you know when I hear back.

Your actual meter is working fine so we won’t need to send out an engineer, we just need to try to update these usage graphs for you. I’ll come back to you when I know more.


could you answer one question that I still dont have the answer for?

based on my IHD being setup being for every 30 mins and my smart meter now actually working- how often should I be

1 - expecting the meter readings to update on the app /website
2 - the energy usage to update on the website / app


Hi @david-eastaugh,

When your reading preferences are set to half hourly, we usually update the app with readings a few times around your bill date to ensure your bills are correct, but you should be able to use the usage graphs to get a more realistic usage idea. When I hear back from our smart team we should be able get those graphs functioning.

My in-home-display has packed up and stopped working, for the third time this year: 2/6. 10/11, 2 /12. I have had no response to my e mail of 2/12 sent to help@bulb … . I also completed the reset form in the Bulb website.