New smart meter won't top up

My old broken pre payment meter was taking out today and replaced with smart meter which I’m thankful for. I was however told it would be monthly payment however it not it is a top up. I can’t top up even though I keep getting a message telling me too as I can’t get into the app and no option to top up on line any advice?

Hi @Kat :wave:

I’m sorry if there has been a bit of miscommunication here. Our current policy is to replace faulty legacy prepayment meters with smart meters in prepayment mode. We can now switch your smart meter to pay monthly mode, however we would need to run a soft credit check first, unless you have been with Bulb on pay monthly recently at another property. I’m happy to email you the details if you wanted to get that started.

When we install these smart prepay meters, there can be a few days where you won’t be able to top-up online while we get everything connected. While that is happening, we make sure to keep the meter in safe mode, so that it doesn’t switch off. I’ve had a look through your account and you should now be able to top-up online and via the app.

I think you might have managed to get a top-up sorted yesterday, is that right? If you are still having trouble, let me know and I will do my best to assist.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi could you email me please. It was agreed that I would go over to a credit meter as I have children with disabilities. I have emails to correspond to that.

Hi Kat,

I can see you were speaking to a colleague of mine regarding this, I’ll just get in touch with them to confirm the best next steps to move you over to credit.

E :sunny: