New Smart Meters but IHD showing only Electric and not Gas

Smart meter installed 31st January, IHD showed Electricity readings immediately , but still after 2 weeks there is no display of live Gas usage on the IHD!

The installed said it may take a few days for Gas to show up.

Bulb Chat advisor asked if I had done the suggested re-boot of the IHD, yes done that loads of times now. The mentioned there are sometimes delays getting the gas readings to display as they have to wait for something to get authorised first. Really?

The installer explained that the readings from the Gas Smarter transmit to the Electric meter which then sends both to my IHD. Starting to wonder if it was not setup correctly.

Any else had the same??

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your post and welcome to community :wave:

Sorry to hear your IHD is not showing you gas usage.

Both your smart meters are able to sent readings and data to us/ the IHD via the communications hub, which sits on top of your electricity meter.

I can see that we are getting regular readings from both your electricity and gas meter, so in theory both should show up on your IHD.

Could you just confirm if the IHD shows anything next to the gas? or is it completely blank ?

E :bulb:

Hi Eleanor.
Where the gas readings should be it is blank. Also on the left where it should show gas as a circular reading around the electric, again blank.

Looked in the settings at meter info and it only shows details of the Electric meter. Eg part number, serial number.

Hi Ele,
I just had a closer look at the Comms module that is fitted on top of the electric meter. There are five LEDs, SW, WAN, MESH, HAN, GAS.

The only one that does not flash green every few seconds is the MESH but pretty sure that is not important as the Comms Hub is directly connected to the WAN.

As the LEDs are flashing at a 2sec frequency that suggests things are connected OK.

As per the instructions in an EDF manual I located, in the Gas meter, pressing A+B together for a few seconds opened a menu where I could “re-join HAN” - tried this but made no difference. HAN seems to be Home Area Network which I take to mean the comms between the Gas meter and the Electric Meter/Comms Hub.

The fact the GAS LED is flashing green (every 2sec) suggests the Comms Hub is getting the Gas meter connection, and I can see readings are being seen at Bulb end.

So, please can you advise how I get the IHD to show my Gas usage. Do you need to send someone to have a look?


Any response on this?

Come on Bulb, you emailed and texted me for months pushing me to get Smart meters. Please can you help me resolve this issue.

Hi @Mark_McCormick,

If you haven’t already tried then please fill out this form.

Once you’ve sent that in, we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours. Make sure you keep your IHD turned on, and within 5 metres of your electricity meter overnight. Turn it off and on again in the morning if nothing has changed on the display.

If that does not work you can try a couple more times as it does not always work first go.

Let me know how you get on,

– KT :bulb:

Hi Katie, I did try this a week ago, a couple of times, but made no difference. I’ll try again, but not holding out much hope.


On my smart meter and my parents one, both show live electricity readings but zero live gas readings. And we’re with different suppliers.

Can you see today’s gas usage? Or is it just the live gas that’s at zero

No Gas readings at all - no live reading and no usage readings - nothing.

Hi again @KatieT_at_Bulb
Well, I’ve given it plenty of time, and as I predicted, still no gas display on the IHD.

Is there some way you can resolve this.

Unless you can remotely do something to the comms hub I guess Eon (who installed the Smart Meters) will need to return to sort this out?


I had the same problem after my “Smart” meter was fitted over a year ago. Was never remedied by Bulb and according to the energy ombudsman this fault with the smart meters is something they are working on.

More importantly, I’d check that the meter is actually sending readings to Bulb. Mine wasn’t. All my bills were based on estimates and I had no idea.

Hi @Firecracker - welcome to community :wave:

I’m really sorry to hear about your ongoing issues with your smart meter. When you say you’ve got issues with the smart meter, do you mean the actual meters fitted to the wall or the In Home Display (IHD)? If it’s an issue with the IHD and we’ve tried to fix it but it’s not been successful, we will have been in touch with the IHD manufacturer, and will work with them to find a solution. Once we’ve found a fix, we’ll be able to remotely update your IHD to get it working perfectly.

– Meg :bulb:

It’s working now. Been working a couple of weeks but your webpage was in Read-Only mode so couldn’t post this reply then.


We had smart meter installed in April 21. Electricity readings have been fine all along but we have never had any sensible gas readings. From April 21 to Oct 21 readings used by Bulb were stuck at 172. Ever since October '21 Bulb has been using Estimated readings. I have checked usage of actual so-called smart gas meter. In what way can a meter with a blank screen that refuses to light up and provide any reading be considered to be ‘smart’? I can’t read the meter so I can’t send Bulb any readings. The hub above the electricity meter has a number of green neon indicators, one marked as gas, that regularly flashes but clearly it can’t send any information either to my IHD or to Bulb about my gas usage.

I have reported this and so far had a completely unhelpful email exchange with Bulb who seem to be incapable of taking on board that my gas meter is not providing either me or them with readings. I want to know what is happening to my gas consumption in view of rising prices. Google searches indicate that smart meter batteries can’t be replaced and are supposed to last for years - but clearly do fail far sooner is some cases and only remedy is to replace the meter

Come on bulb - acknowledge that you need to get someone out to replace the meter and tell me when you are going to do that. Asking me to keep repeating all of the above information and then taking absolutely no action is just not acceptable. I understand that by law you can’t go on estimating my gas usage for more than a year. You have not had any precise meter reading from my installation since March '21. So time is very nearly up. Give me the means to see my true gas consumption

Hi @j.g.williams148 :wave:

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you and the issues you’ve been having with getting your gas meter exchanged.

I can see you have been in touch over email and we have booked a gas smart meter exchange. If you have any questions about this then please let me know.

– KT :bulb:

Thank you for your reply.
The visit took place on Friday April 22. You and I both assumed that this would result in a gas smart meter exchange since it is barn door obvious that this is what is required. But no, that was not the result. The man told us that the type of smart gas meter that we had was useless, which tells me absolutely nothing that I did not already know, took some photographs and said that we would hear in a couple of weeks.

Needless to say we have heard nothing further and we still have no way of knowing our true gas consumption. I don’t actually want any more pointless communications; I am looking for some definitive action to get the faulty meter replaced. Bulb has been estimating our gas usage for more than 12 months and so, unless I have misunderstood the regulations is in breach of the rules. Can it really be so difficult to get a gas meter replaced? I really don’t care whether it is replaced with a so-called ‘smart meter’ or just an old fashioned meter that can be easily read. I just want to know my true gas consumption so that I can budget accordingly.

Do I need to escalate this to OfGem?

John Williams

Hi @j.g.williams148 :wave:t4:

Thank you for posting.

I am sorry to hear your gas meter was not replaced, I have sent you over a follow up email, could you please reply so I can assist you further on this.


–Suki :hibiscus:

I have a similar problem my in home display was working fine but since february it has not recorded any gas consumption,have you done a software update which has broken it?