New supply - no meter yet


Bulb has created an account for my new supply.

I need a meter installed before I can start to use electricity.

Is there a process to follow to prompt Bulb to install the meter?

I’m getting nowhere with emails to Bulb.

Hi @cliftongarages127,

Welcome to Bulb community :partying_face:

I see my colleague was already looking into this for you.

Sadly the issue is a bit more complicated as there were some inconsistencies, in the information listed on the national electricity database.

I have just forwarded my notes to my colleague so she can provide you with an update.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention :relaxed:

Hi Trevor

I could do with some information please. This matter doesn’t seem to have progressed and I am completely in the dark as to where I stand.

My electrician did the wiring more than a month ago. He needs to test the system, provide the safety certificate and of course get paid for his work!

Please let me know what is going on and precisely what the problem is.

Kind regards