New Switch, Old Closed Account Still Up

Hi! I switched my new home to Bulb today after being with different providers. However, when I log into my account it still shows as closed, listing my old address that I used the same email for. I closed this back in 2018.

Will my details update automatically on this account once the switch is complete, or does someone need to look into this?

Many thanks!


Hey @aurelied - welcome to Community!

I’ve just sent you an email to be able to log into your new account. If you still want to be able to see your old property too, let me know and I can get them merged for you.


Hi Georgie,

That’s great, I just signed in and saw the new property and switch process! This will be ok, I don’t need to have the properties merged, just the new one is alright.

Thank you for your help!