New tariff details

Does anybody know what the amount of the new tariffs are please?

Hi @Fatboyjim59 Can I take your postcode so I can generate you a quote?

Yes the postcode Is SA3 5JT, Thank you

Bulb actually have a tariff page at which you can look up duel fuel prices, economy 7 rates etc for your postcode.

Or you can do things the long way as I did below…

Going through the quote process on Bulb’s homepage at with your postcode gives:
Payment Method: Direct Debit
Electricity Unit Rate: 13.102p per kWh
Electricity Standing Charge: 24.56p per day (£89.64 per year)
Gas Unit Rate: 2.713p per kWh
Gas Standing Charge: 24.56p per day (£89.64 per year)
Dual Fuel discount: £30/year

[prices include VAT]

Cross-referencing that with shows you are in region 21 (South Wales) which corresponds with your postcode and also reveals the Economy 7 prices at 14.99p day and 8.18p night.

Hi @Fatboyjim59 , yes you can follow the link sent by @RichyB to find the specific tariff rates for your area :slight_smile: Anything on our website includes the new rates