New tariff not showing on IHD

Hello, it’s April 2 and surely the increased new tariffs should be showing on my IHD? Still showing old ones. Have tried resetting IHD. Still old tariffs. This renders smart meter pretty pointless as energy usage costs I’m seeing are way below the actuals.

Same here, although having said that it hasn’t changed even since the last increase in October! I have to do a mental arithmetic when I look at it, now adding about 50% to the amount shown! Would love to get it reading the correct amount!

Mine hasn’t updated either.

I was just about to ask the same question, I hope it updates soon, I keep forgetting it’s still on the old tariff and thinking I’m better off than I am!

Same here. No change. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

same here just checked totally useles

Mine only display the gas tariff under the April new price, the electricity tariff remains the old one. Very confusing and don’t know why cannot update on the same time.

Ours showed the new gas tarriff yesterday, the eleccy tarriff showed up today. Looks like it just takes a while to update :slight_smile:

The lack of information about this is a disgrace. Totally useless home display unit until it is fixed. Contacted BULB and they did not know when it would be fixed. There should have been prior warning on the fact that the home display unit would have this (hopefully, temporary) problem. We were ‘sold’ smart meters with the promise that we would be able to see what our ‘spending’ is in real time. We can’t. The meter reading (kWh used) seems to be correct. But all the ‘expenditure’ is completely wrong. Will this problem be sorted out for the next price rise in October? Or, at least an explanation on the web site. I didn’t expect to have to use Excel to know how much I am spending on electricity. Grrr!

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Chameleon makes your home display unit. They explain things:

Add h at the beginning of the above link of course we are not allowed to post links, But deleting the leading h got round that. Just add the h back in.

From not being allowed to post links to being told how to run our energy accounts, I hate being treated as a child by Bulb.
They had one job. It’s not as if they had no warning of the tariff change. ‘Our website can’t cope with people wanting to give meter readings’ ‘Our IHDs can’t show the correct tariff info’ No wonder they’re in the mess they’re in. :roll_eyes:

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Does anyone problem be solved? Mine IHD hasn’t updated the electricity tariff, only the gas did. Any suggestion?

Mine updated the tariffs today.

I spoke to bulb about this on April 1st. After being on hold for an hour they told me it was a technical fault and it will be fixed when it’s fixed and that was that…….
My gas updated on the first but still waiting for the electricity to update.