New tenant

How r u suppose to sign a new tenant as he had no prevoius supplier at that new address and would like his account to go live

@mahfuz thanks for getting in touch with us. If we are the current suppliers of that property, the tenant would be able to get in touch with us at 0300 30 30 635.

If they want us to be the supplier, they can simply go onto to get a quote and sign up. The house will have the same supplier as the previous tenant unless there is a request to change the supplier.

If my flatmate will cancel his npower supplier on 1st of August (its gonna to take 10 days to cancel), I will request Bulb Energy on 10th of August.
Are you will start to supply my flat from the date of my request?


The Bulb team will give you a more definitive answer

It takes 21 days for Bulb to switch from an existing supplier. Your flatmate therefore needs to join Bulb now for the switch to take place on 14 August. Bulb will advise the existing supplier (i.e. npower) of the switch, there should be no need for your flatmate to cancel the contract otherwise they will be without energy until the switch takes place.

Write me Bulb phone number for new customers please.

@A2ron the phone number to reach us is 0300 30 30 635. We’re open 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri.