New to Bulb and unsure of credit/debit/usage

Hello I’ve recently joined Bulb, I got a £50 referral and made an initial payment of £64. so my current bulb balance is £114. Because of this and the fact I normally spend 60-70 a month on energy I’ve set my payments to £30 for now. When I come to submit a meter reading will the money be taken from my bulb balance automatically and my only job is to make sure my own bulb balance is above what I spend? Thanks


Note that your statement is produced on the same date every month, so you need to ensure you submit your meter readings 1-2 days before this date every month. If you submit readings at other times, while they will still be used the closing reading for the statement will end up estimated.

Thanks for this. How can I find out what date my statement will be produced?

Same date in the month as the day you actually switched.
eg If your switch date was 20 Feb, your statement date will be 20 Mar, 20 Apr etc etc…

NB If another date is more suitable for you, you can change it on your account dashboard.

Thanks for that! it was the 11th for me but I actually changed my payment date to the 4th. Is that the same as the statement date?

That means your statement date will be the 2nd I think, so if you submit your meter readings on the last day of the previous month, or the 1st, then that should be ideal for your statement.

Note you should get an email from Bulb at the time your meter readings are due.

I think there’s some confusion here with the terms ‘payment date’ and ‘statement date’.
If you changed a date on your account dashboard, it will have been the statement date, in your case the 4th.
Nominally the payment date is the same ie the date the DD goes out, but it can be a day or two later some months.
Your ideal reading submit date will be the 2nd - you should get a reminder email on the 1st.

At least on my account dashboard, the text is for setting the payment date. Currently mine is set for the 3rd, and indeed the payment goes out on that day or just after.

My statements are made up to the 1st or 2nd of each month, randomly.

I acknowledge your account @198kHz, might well operate differently because Bulb don’t seem to have any consistency. At least from my point of view, what I said above is correct.

Actually they do they are very consistant at being inconsistant