New to Bulb, couple of questions!

Hi, I’m looking forward to switching to Bulb soon and I’ve just got an email from telling me my first bill is due. Ouch! Same month as I paid my last energy suppliers bill! i wonder how I get my refer a friend credits…whether I get a refund or they sit in my account to lower my second or third bill with Bulb. Also I was on a special priority list with my last energy supplier as I have a baby so if there ever was a power cut, they’d try and get my supply back on pretty fast. It just came in my mind 'what if Bulb don’t have anything like that. I’m a tad sad if they don’t but hope they consider it.

Hi @lucy628 great questions

Let’s first talk about payments and timing:

  • We take payments in advance. We take one payment at the beginning of the month which enters your Bulb account as credit. At the end of the month we send you a statement based on meter readings summarising your consumption and the cost of your energy usage.
  • If you use less energy than the monthly payment your account will be in credit. If you use more energy than the monthly payment your account will go into debit.
  • If you see that you’re building up a large credit, you can get in touch with us to get money transferred to you as a refund.
  • If you see you’re building up a large debit, you can make a top-up payment at in the payment details section.
  • In fact, you can adjust your payment up – or down – at, in the payment details section

Referral credit:
If you refer people, the £50 referral credit will sit in your Bulb account. Again, if you see that you’re building up a large credit, you can get in touch with us about getting a refund.

Priority lists:
We don’t have priority lists – instead, we demand of ourselves that we deliver excellent and prompt service to every single Bulb member. (The one exception – we have a list of people who due to disability cannot read their meters, and we send meter readers to their house more often than once per year.)

@lucy628 in my haste to answer your questions, I missed the most important part of your post.

Although we do take payments in advance, we also understand that the first month, when people sometimes have to pay Bulb and pay their previous supplier, can be hard.

So we are flexible. Let me know if you need some of your first payment back to you, i.e. if you’re feeling a personal cashflow crunch.

We can take this conversation to email if more convenient – we’re on