New to bulb, credit question

Hi i just switched to bulb and am a little confused as to how the credit works. I used a friend refferal so now have £100 credit in my account. But £60.78 has also been taken from my bank account to pay my first bill? Should the credit not have been used for the first bill? It exceeds how much i need to pay the bill.

@Ionastuff you have to manually tell bulb you want to use the credit you have built up instead of paying that month by direct debit. There is no automated system(currently?) to automatically do this for you.

@“Will at Bulb” is it actually in the pipeline for an automated system to do this?

Good question. I just flagged down the product manager in charge of online accounts and he says its something he want’s to build early next year. We’re currently fleshing out the roadmap in more detail for the next 3 months, so you’ll see it on the roadmap soon I’m sure :slight_smile:

Oh ok i understand now. Thank both you for the replies :slight_smile: