New to bulb, enormous bills

We have recently moved to bulb, since then our bills have been ridiculously high and I mean ridiculous. For instance between Dec and Jan we’ve been charged over £550! We joined late last year when we moved, the property was previously with EON but had storage heaters on economy 7. There are 2 of us and we can’t possibly have used that much electricity, it’s going up by hundreds each month. Has anyone encountered this?

Firstly you have to understand that changing supplier doesn’t really do anything at all, except move the billing admin from one company to another. It doesn’t change the meter at all. Your meter is still the same as it has always been, doing the same as it always has. There is absolutely zero possible causation between being “new to Bulb” and “enormous bills”.

If the meter is going up by considerably more kWh each month than it used to do, there are only two possibilities. Either something in your property has become faulty and is now using way more electric than it used to do, or the meter itself has become faulty. Have you tried anything so far to determine what might be the cause? There are several simple tests you can do to try to work out what is going on.

Are you a bulb representative?

I am a customer on this customer discussion forum.

If you’d prefer to talk to a Bulb representative, it’s better to use their actual customer service channels. See here for details.

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It would be useful to clarify something here. You said earlier “it’s going up by hundreds each month”. Are you referring to your actual meter readings, or just the readings appearing on your bill?

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I posted because since joining bulb we have received stupidly high bills, we didn’t before…fact We certainly haven’t gone from using £60 to £550 each month so there’s an error somewhere, I was wondering if anyone else had encountered the same. I am aware of the escalation process thank you.

See above. Are we talking about the actual numbers on your meter going up more than you expect, or are we just talking about erroneous billing? Trying to work out where the error is.

The billing amount is going up by hundreds of pounds each month

Ok. So if the meter readings are going up by what you expect (which wasn’t clear originally), then it’s a billing problem. Some other things to check:

  • Is the opening reading on your first Bulb bill correct, matching what you gave at the start of your switch?
  • Have you submitted accurate meter readings? Not transposed a digit or anything?
  • Are those readings you gave actually appearing on the bill? Not an estimated reading?

I’ve contacted bulb. I have submitted readings it’s not estimated, I haven’t transposed incorrectly, there’s obviously some issue outside of my control.

If the readings are correct, and they are correctly on the bill, then there can’t be anything wrong in terms of billing. You can even do the simple calculation yourself to convert your meter readings into cost. Just subtract the opening reading from the closing reading, and multiply by the unit rate. Then you’ll know for sure if the bill is calculated correctly.

Possibly are you getting the day and night readings the wrong way around?

If that all checks out then we’re back to something else having failed, and you’re either using more electric than you used to do or the meter is faulty.

Let’s get right down to basics. The meter readings you take each month. If you compare to past readings, are they now going up by reasonable amounts you expect based on past winters where you were running the heating?

Mine is a 1 bed flat with those ridiculous and somewhat useless economy 7 heaters and I received a £79 bill for January too considering I don’t use all the heaters and am out during the day. Turns out it’s an estimated read don’t know if I dare take an actual read eek!