New to Bulb - Guidance

Hi Guys,

I am new to Bulb. And i did my First reading submission today. 14-Jul is when it shown as I would official be on Bulb, so I had a window of 9Jul-19Jul to submit my reading.
The initial DD amount is somewhere around £32.something to be picked up on 14-Jul, but my monthly usage seems to be somewhere around £60-65 (£2 per day kind of). So I am planning to change my DD date to 1st.

So to match up to my usage till the end of the month, I calculate it be around £46 for the remainder of the month from today, topped up £13. something today. Adding the 1st DD of £32.something, i expect to have £46 in credit in my account before the 2nd reading submission.

I am also planning to change my DD amount to £60-65 as soon as the option to change opens up (14-Jul i believe), so that it reflects and debits on 1st August and I can then be on a proper monthly schedule going forward.

Do you guys/gals think there are any gaps in my planning that i need to sort out? Or any bulb know issues that might affect it?
I have a Economy 7 meter my the way.


Hi @Lalithkumark and welcome to our Community :zap:

That all sounds great and that you’re really on top of everything. :bulb:

One thing to note, is it takes up to 14 days to change your direct debit. So if there is not enough to change the direct debit for the next month, the change won’t come into effect until the following month. However, if you’re planning to do this on the 14th July then this should present no problem.

If you have any more questions, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Noah…
One thing, I submitted my first meter reading yesterday, 9-Jul. But on Bulb, the entry shows as 14-Jul. Will this cause any issues with my previous energy supplier? or bulb even for that case?

No, that is perfect.

Your start date is the 14th July, so you actually have a 5-day window either side of this date to enter your first meter reading. Your first reading is the only instance where this rules applies as it is a regulated reading, so the idea is that you have lots of time to enter your first reading.