New to bulb I think I entered wrong reading

I am new to bulb, I have a smart meter, so I have not had to take a reading before. Looks like we have gone back to Victorian times. I followed instructions the electric it said press 9 and the reading will come up. I did the same with gas and it read 3540. I entered that, but after reading more on your site, I see I should use the volume number the is 315 and has m3 next to it. I think I have entered the wrong number that is 10 x more than my reading.
I am now concerned. It says I will be billed by my own company and it can take up to 6 weeks??
This is not so smooth as you make out. Why can’t you use my smart meter to avoid this problem? This is why we chose to have one a few years ago. Before I signed up, I was assured I would have no problem, now I am very concerned.
Also today is the 19th, The reading I took says reading taken 23rd? It won’t let me put in a new reading.

Hi @Markflorida. Thanks for checking this with us. I can see that you have entered the correct meter reading of 315 for your gas. This one will be sent to your previous supplier. They should close your account on the same meter reading. I recommend taking a read of our blog on smart meters. It will tell you why we don’t currently take your smart meter readings automatically and when we will start.