New to bulb.. meter readings?

I just signed up for gas and electric. I’ve moved into my sisters house and she gave her final meter readings to Scottish Power a few days ago and her account has been closed with them. In my welcome email it said I’ll be switched on 6th December.

I took meter readings but when do I submit them? Do I back date the readings from now when my account is switched?! … Confused as it looks like there will be a gap?

Technically the house will still be on scottish power until your switch date, so the meter reading you took would be used by them to issue your sister a final bill.
The amount you use up till the 6th will be still be with scottish power - you may need to set up an account with them just for this period (annoying and stupid!), you’d need to take another meter reading when bulb ask you for one - probably be the 3rd or 4th of Dec. This is the final meter reading that scottish power will use for you and will be your starting point for bulb usage.

Sure bulb will confirm if my assumption of the situation is correct!

@tom6685 your advice is on point!

@brooky_agb please submit your first meter readings to us within 5 days of 6 December 2017. This is the day that we’ll start supplying your property with energy. In the meantime, do get in touch with Scottish Power as they may object to your switch to Bulb if you haven’t told them that you’ve moved into the new place.

Thanks. That’s very helpful. I expect I’ll get a letter from them to the “new occupier”.

@brooky_agb You will eventually get the letter, but I’d recommend giving them a call to get the ball rolling as soon as possible! No time like the present!

Thanks. I expect that I want to go on their variable tariff to start without fixing so not to get stung with exit fees.

Thanks. I expect that I want to go on their variable tariff to start without fixing so not to get stung with exit fees.

Bulb will pay the exit fees even if you do but yes would be silly going on anything other than variable for a few weeks.

Just a word of warning about Scottish Power and moving providers. A horror story follows:

When I moved into my last rental property, I switched suppliers from Scottish Power immediately (took the normal couple of weeks for the switch) and was happily being supplied renewable energy from that point on.

Foolishly I gave Scottish Power my details for the final bill to “make things easier”.
I then spent the next 18 months with them harassing me, adamant that they were still supplying the property and that I owed them over £1000. I rang them at least a dozen times to try and resolved the issue, being stuck on the phone for hours on end, bouncing between operators before typically being cut off, trying to resolve the issue.

They eventually sent me a letter informing me that the matter had been passed to a debt collector to recover the money they thought they were owed.

At that point, I (though means I won’t disclose) very quickly managed to get the attention of some very high up people in Scottish Power’s management tree and the matter was resolved within 2 days with them kindly offering to waive the £6 I actually owed them…

If at all possible, I’d recommend waiting for the final bill to come through (once Bulb have told them the reading they started supplying on) and pay it by cheque or other anonymous means.

@mowcius I had a similar experience about 15 years ago. I can’t remember the provider but I was billed by two for ages and I had a real fight on my hands. It probably affected my credit rating too if the truth is know.

I spoke to Scottish Power and they confirmed my switch will happen on 6th Dec. They almost created a second account for me until I grilled them to look for an existing account first (which they then found)!! I think this is how such problems happen. Hopefully we will be ok and switch will go smoothly.

In 5 months time we are moving into a new build with a smart meter… hoping to take bulb with us. The new house has solar panels… I’m not sure how that affects things??

@brooky_agb, regarding the smart meter in your new house, it most likely will become dumb with the switch to Bulb if they’ve installed it already as SMETS2 meters aren’t really available yet. Bulb would then replace it with a new one later on in 2018 (
With solar panels, there’s often a secondary generation meter which can be handled by a different supplier for a feed-in tarrif. Bulb have not yet confirmed how solar panels will work with the smart meters they’re going to install (I’m not sure they know yet) but at present they have no feed-in tarrifs for solar.

It sounds like you’ve got the Scottish Power switch all in hand; I hope it goes well for you!

Thanks for all your help everyone. =)