New to bulb now a good start error d2

Just moved to Bulb not happy. Was told to put my key in the meter on the 27th and all it says is error d2 and no emergency number for help .

Please check out this Bulb article:

Yes i have it says call them but no emergency number and not open for another few days.

Have you tried your old key in the meantime(usually still works)

Not staying with Bulb i want to be with one i can contact if i have a problem

Doesn’t solve your immediate problem live chat is open they should be able to issue an 8 digit code to get your key and meter “talking” to each other
Even if you signed up to a new supplier today be at least 21 days before you got a new key

yes someone called after. but it took me two hours to find a shop to sort this out so lost money having time off work so not happy