New to bulb

I’m new to bulb. Does any one know whether the prices I’ve been quoted are pre or post price increase?
My supply is due to switch on the 12th Nov.

Hi @jimjams,

If you haven’t already switched (or switched after the 10th of September), you would have automatically been put on the new prices (i.e. you will NOT be getting a price increase in November).

Bulb provides 60 days notices to existing customers of price increases (industry regulations state a minimum of 30 days - and, if you keep an eye on Bulb’s blog at you’ll probably get 90 day’s notice as they give a ‘heads up - if energy prices stay the same or go up, we’ll have to start putting prices up’ post: but that is classed as an ‘unofficial notification’). New customers are put on the new prices as soon as the price prices are official announced.

Hope it helps and welcome to Bulb!