New to bulb

Hi, so basically I put my new bulb gas card in today for the first time and it beeped as it should. Then I went and topped it up by £6 however when Iv put the card in it says I owe 36p and only have £4.20 credit and that Iv used my emergency credit, but it was the first time I’d put my card in. I’m now really confused to what’s happening and why it’s saying this can anyone help?
Thanks in advance


Sorry to hear about your problem. This a public forum and you may find it more appropriate if you contact the Bulb team direct on Monday morning? You can find their details at the bottom of the Help page, click the Help button at the top of this page.

Thankyou! Much appreciated

Hi @Shannonwootton

Could you let me know that you managed to sort this out? If not, please drop me a direct email at and I’ll make sure we get this sorted pronto!