New to bulb

Recently changed to bulb from british gas on a smart meter pay as you go. The switch apparently went fine as of the 6th of this month. But on my gas actual meter it shows off and i owe £5. I called previous supplier who said that i am no longer with the since 6th may so wont help and bulb have no kind of after hours care for their customers in emergency.
I have 2 kids under 4 one being 13 months without now gas and hot water.
Can anyone work out what i need to do.
Bulbs emergency contact via email aims at getting back to you within 5 days its a joke

According to this Bulb article: if you have a smart PAYG meter you will pay for your energy by direct debit.

The article says:

It’s the responsibility of the old supplier to swap them over to a credit meter on the day of the switch. They’ll be able to do this remotely, so they won’t need to enter your property.

Without providing any personal information did Bulb take a direct debit payment from you around about 6 May?