New to Smart Meter

New smart meter has been fitted for electric only. I will continue to submit manual gas readings each month. We wrote down our electric meter reading just prior to installation, this is showing on the app.

Is it normal for the Smart Meter readings to revert to 0? For instance (not actual numbers) meter reading prior to smart install - 5000 and Smart Reading (after install) 5. I just assumed it would be showing from wherever the old meter got to.

I was going to submit a manual reading this month due to how close to billing it is but i don’t want to be billed because one reading would show 5 and another would show 5000. So is this normal?

Readings on the old and new meter are entirely unrelated.

Smart meters usually start at 0, but it’s not obligatory. The engineer who did the install should always give you the initial reading of a new meter.

Okay excellent! Thank you. Im assuming he did give over the new reading (i wasn’t present for install) as there is multiple readings for the same day. One is clearly the smart meter and another is the original meter.

This helps explain it though!