New to the community, not to Bulb

I have just joined the community but have been a customer of Bulb Energy for some time now. My background is oil and gas industry and I have been a project management consultant for the past three decades. I chose Bulb because they source 100% electricity from renewables, and pay carbon offsets for gas suppliers. The service to date has been outstanding. Thank you for creating this challenger business.

I see this message when looking at your post: It’s been a while since we’ve seen GerryP — their last post was 4 years ago. I only mention this as you mention you have only just joined teh Community.

Excuse my ignorance, but exactly what is the point you are making with this post?

Hi @GerryP,

Welcome to Bulb’s community and thanks for reaching out! :raised_hands:

Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your time with us and that you’ve had great service, along with using our green energy, we love hearing all feedback. :grin:

Is there anything we can help with at all, or do you have any questions regarding Bulb you’d like us to answer?

Freya :bulb:

Hi Allanr, thanks for the feedback. I cannot recall from four years ago, but we were not with Bulb until 2019, so was there a different GerryP? Ghosts in the system.

Hi Mojo,
I followed the link on the Community page which asked new members to introduce themselves. I am also aware that it is not good practice to launch into an encyclopaedic description of myself. I will seek information in due course and understand how the forum functions before typing too much. The point was… I am a new community member but have been using Bulb for some time now, but not, as @Allanr points out, since 4 years ago. I hope that explains.

Hey @GerryP

We like people introducing themselves and getting involved! :partying_face:

Feel free to post about any questions you might have or anything you find interesting about the industry- we want to create discussion :blush:

You said your background was in oil and gas- interesting to have picked a green supplier! What do you think about big corporations based in oil and gas moving towards renewables? Are they doing enough or is it all a front? :thinking:

Hi Holly,
There are many in the oil and gas industry that feel as I do. One of them is the new CEO of bp (who I do not know personally) and that is evidenced by the recent bp strategy of investing in renewables in an accelerated manner. I am sure that Shell is making the same deliberate strategic change. My own opinion on this is that many renewable sources have become competitive in price very recently, and technology has allowed us all to dream that it is possible to grow without polluting - even to reverse the damage caused by the developed nations over the past 150 years. I do not believe it is a front. And sometimes the truth is not newsworthy. I found out recently that the USA gives a federal rebate of 30% to any person or entity building renewable energy capacity. In Europe we tend to think the US and China are the big polluters, but both these top 2 world economies have aggressive decarbonisation plans.

That’s interesting about giving a rebate- I think the UK does something similar for people living a more sustainable lifestyle but perhaps not to the same scale :thinking:
I can appreciate they can’t go green overnight but it’s nice to see them ‘greening’. I’m really excited to see the new technology and where it goes for sure! :rocket: